keeping my cool…in the kitch

  man it is hot outside I love it better to be hot than cold but today…sorta ridiculous with the heat index 110 @8AM this morning I realized after the last week in the… Read More

hello mojo…long time no see!

Hello mojo…long time no see! feeling good about myself forgot how that feels. no wonder my inner mojo disappeared it was feeling ignored… Just because I was treated like yesterdays trash does it… Read More

TJ & SL …a true love story

TJ & SL …a true love story I have found my new love. lucky for him… I am easily seduceable. doesn’t take much to make this girl happy. I had heard about him… Read More

the lonely birds…

the lonely birds… for all intents & purposes I had a wonderful weekend thursday night..out with the girls one of my oldest & dearest sunday… a bat mitzvah party to behold yet…the… Read More

middle aged ….& Simply Brilliant Friday Faves

middle aged….& simply brilliant fridayfaves   I am getting old. or at least I am officially “middle aged” the horror! for the first time in ages… out with friends to celebrate another friends… Read More

Hikca -MOMMY!

Hikca -MOMMY! My Tunie B. gotta LOVE that kid. decided to potty train herself… yes you heard me.. decided that she had just about enough with that old diaper thing! It’s ONLY Hello… Read More


You GNOCCHI! Ok so today I confronted my soon to be ex. don’t judge. I heard he was at my old house..getting it ready for the new owners. the idea of getting him… Read More

Yesterday was a …. & Friday Faves

Yesterday was a…. Yesterday was a gorgeous day. the perfect day to take a vacation from life. even if it was just a few hours…pure bliss. one advantage living 30 minutes from the… Read More

a little taste of Sunshine….

  a little taste of Sunshine…. This morning I woke up sun was streaming hot & glorious through my windows I was like the walrus on a rock (ok i know not the… Read More

I lied.

  ok so I lied. Well, not so much lied… but sugar coated the truth of how I am feeling. About this move. About this impending Shavout holiday. Today, I can’t even pretend… Read More