keeping the faith…{Chinese chicken & broccoli lo mein}

I know every Christmas song, or at least the first line and entire chorus of every Christmas song. Don’t ask me how… I can only assume it is my, talent by osmosis, kicking… Read More

that mother… {cranberry almond chocolate biscotti}

“I am not going to LOVE you anymore!!!”,are the heart breaking words screeched on high, by my 4 year old yesterday. True, these words were said in defiant protest to my unwavering policy… Read More

Spiced Carrot Cake Cookies {what’s cooking in my kitchen right now for thanksgivingkuh}

Thanksgivingkuh…oh how I am sick of this word. I have been developing recipes for various companies for this once in a lifetime event since the MIDDLE OF AUGUST!! Then this Thanksgivingkuh party I… Read More

Yes, I am slightly crazy….{cranberry chocolate nut muffins}

I am not sure what it is about those bright red, hard, shiny balls of raw cranberries in their neat little plastic pouches that just compels me to throw them in my grocery… Read More

keeping it simple {zahtaar chicken}

Recently I had a self revolutionary epiphany. Keep it simple. Period. I know …deep. 😉 But, I don’t know about must of you, but personally…I realized… I have a slight need to sorta..complicate… Read More

Caramel Chicken

Caramel Chicken You know when you have the best intentions to do something… Well that was me this week. I had every intention to just focus on all the projects that I am… Read More

“fall”ing back into things….{parsnip potato mushroom soup)

Sunday mornings are all about the coffee & the funnies for me & my girl. You see, it’s our routine. And routine is a sacred thing when your a single mom trying to… Read More

The New Year & Me…… (Carrot Apple Soup)

It really hasn’t been easy…this year. Actually I am not sure… But I don’t think it could get worse… So at least that…can be checked off as a good thing. (If I was… Read More

getting it right…. General Tzo Chicken (from scratch)

there is not a day that goes by that I do not wonder…. What kind of a human my Tunie B is going to turn out to be? will she be emotionally ok….despite… Read More

This Real Housewife of NJ’s …no lie, it’s that good! chocolate avocado cake

I was watching The Real Housewives of NJ Like I tend to do every Sunday night… (makes me feel like I am somewhat normal) I once again had this one simple recurring thought:… Read More